PUIG & CUSINÉ is a company founded in 1993 with the aim of providing services to business and individuals, both in Andorra and abroad.

During all these years, we have advised hundreds of companies in their implementation in the Andorran market, looking for the most viable options and the most appropriate personnel management. We have large multinational companies in our portfolio of clients who value our full service in all the required areas. Since the creation of the Foreign Investment Law (Law 10/2012, of 21 June), we have helped to create new foreign companies with a positive result of more than 99.9%.

Our specialization of the different areas of work with highly qualified staff allows us to fully understand the relevant legislations for each need and to be able to offer a service adapted to each client. We have a legal staff to oversee the processes. We asses with our clients what are the best strategies for the viability of your business, saving unnecessary costs.

At PUIG & CUSINÉ we use our experience and the specialization of our staff to offer a quality service to small entrepreneurs and to large multinationals or investment funds. We have expert immigration staff and we look for the best options in the existing residency system. We value the different types of passive residences existing in the current legislation and advise each client individually. All this, with a thorough follow-up at all times and with our support.

Our services include the support of our team in all implementation services, both company and individual, and a follow-up of all procedures on behalf of the client. It also includes the accounting service for individuals and companies, with highly qualified staff, as well as insurance brokerage and real estate services: real estate management, rental and sale of real estate.

At PUIG & CUSINÉ, our clients only have to worry about growing their business as we take care of the administrative procedures.